Alex Aldaco Photo Fine Art for Interior Design : Catalog June 2016

Fine Art for Interior Design by Alex Aldaco

Formats : From 30×20 cm to 150×100 cm
Cotton Paper
Museographic Quality
100 years+ perdurance
Developments for specific Projects.
Limited Editions
Anti-Humidity Design Frames
Glassless frames or w/framing glass

Alex Aldaco (México, 1970) is the only son of the renowned Mexican Architect Marco Aldaco (Lauded as “Mexico’s most revered architect” -Robb Report, Summer 2005- and member of Architectural Digest’s “AD 100 Club”) and his talented wife, the designer Marta Rico.

Growing as an only child in an outstanding artistic environment and traveling around the world with his parents, Alex sensibility and naturally gifted eye found his passion at an early age behind a camera, capturing beauty where every one else sees nothing.

Alex is also an Nature’s advocate and a passionate Animal Protectionist. One of his goals is that his work favors incremental change in pursuit of non-human animal and nature’s interests.

Instagram: alexaldaco
Facebook: Alex Aldaco

All Rights Reserved to Alex Aldaco Photo advert, catalog- washable, sewn, fabric products, and art

Washable, sewn, fabric photo frames and other fabric products offered, like brooches with removable pin backs, covers for scrapbooks and photo albums, kithchen linens, decorative accessories, wedding, baby, and event products, promo / premiums, ornaments, ribbon roses, dog accessories, covers for cushions, zippered storage, photo wallets with removable clear pockets velcro'd in place, same for the cd / dvd wallets, simple embroidery, tea cozies, wallets, totes, diaper bags, interior design services, retail products, and more. catalog, of the variety of work, products, art, and services offered. 48 pages, available on , download the .pdf catalog

Case Study Video: iPad App, Digital Catalog, Rexroth “GoTo Products”

Case Study Video: iPad App, Digital Catalog, Rexroth "GoTo Products"

Rexroth came to LACED agency to create a digital catalog that would combine 8 different print catalogs' products. Rexroth knew they needed a digital solution that would not only lower the hard costs of print catalogs, but also provide a tool for their sales teams, and a more engaging product experience for customers.

LACED was definitely up to the challenge. The methodology behind the iPAD app is X, Y, Z — or 3Dimensial axis thinking. Using a 3D visual approach, LACED created an opening sequence video, to introduce users to the functionality of the iPAD app in an entertaining way. We used motion design, and morphed the final sequence into the visual navigation of the iPAD app. Staying within the strict brand guidelines and maintaining brand consistency with Rexroth's pre-existing marcom, LACED organized over 3000 products into an easy-to-use iPAD app, that was rolled out live by the end of January 2012.

5 ★★★★★ App Rating
Significantly Reduced Print Catalog Costs
Increases in Overall Sales for Q1-2012
Favorable Customer & Distributor Feedback
Easy product updates with Seamless Integration to back-end CMS

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Catalog of hand made natural resin fashion jewellery by Peter Spilsbury worn by models

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