2014 Igloo Catalog Video W/ Skater – School Items!

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1= Fall For Gravity = Electro Light = Feat Nathan Brumley = NCS Release
Link = http://youtu.be/SKTQDNVDApU?list=UU_aEa8K-EOJ3D6gOs7HcyNg

2= summer Tune = Disfigure = NCS Release
Link – http://youtu.be/Yw9-WYvv4y8

Cosmic Art Video Catalog

With this Little Magical System consisted of 12 Digital Paintings and proper instructions for use, you will learn the basics of "How to Become Rich" (well known popular phrase), but it is not the essential element for our existence. I know many rich people who are not happy, not aware and not balanced. If you become aware of yourself and the Laws of the Whole Creation, you will become rich, but becoming rich without knowing the Cosmic Laws, not necessarily means that you will discover the Path to Happiness, Awareness, Love, Peace and Harmony

Shooting Fashion Catalog for Designer Von Vonni in New York Studio

Sample of studio photo/video catalog product production with designer (Von Vonni) as wardrobe stylist, one female model, hair/make-up stylist, digitech person and photo assistants. Photo camera was wired to computer and client can see images instantly on the 24 inches screen. Dec 20, 2011 NYC

Catalog, Brochure, School of Art + Design, College of Fine & Applied Arts, University of Illinois

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